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Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I like this the-most from the rest of overdrives Boss has in their line of products. I'll get straight to the point. pros: -This is a very versatile drive pedal due to the color knob -Slightly compressed, good for chord and lead work, very muscular sounding. -mid freq. is quite above ave. gives you that hard rock sound cons: -The pedal is noisy because of too much saturation/gain. -Distortion color side is weak and thin at stock -Sounds like a blanket had been thrown thru your amps speaker at stock. -you get a colored tone from this pedal. -tone suck is noticeable.


General Comments

I am on the stage of modifying this pedal a bit. I recently pull-off C6 capacacitor (1nf) in the OD tone opamp feedback loop section. tailoring it like the TS. This makes it more open-sounding, resolving the "blanket covered sound" i wrote as a cons in the sound quality portion of this review. I will try to change the cap C23 from 4.7uF to 33uF. to increase bass.


overall i would rate it 7 as fairly acceptable, and a bit of modding will make it 9


I will update you again

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