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Sound Quality

Here is my story, believe it or not, this is a real blessing. I though the Bad Monkey was the best tube overdrive pedal these days, but It was not, or was a different pedal story perhaps. A desperate fellow sold this pedal for 23USD, to make his way to get a plane ticket back home. Cheaply labelled tubescreamer, rare... what the heck!... I gave it a try...So I bought it. After plugging it at the church stage and gave it a 5 sec. sound check try out. my heart fell-in-love with the tone. It matches my Squire Strat very nicely. This is the OD pedal Ive been searching for! And why only now?! I've spent so much on OD pedals that nearly cost me around 1,000 USD! and only a 23usd one would really make me smile. Its like hearing a novice audition in American Idol competition and after listening for a couple of seconds, you are convinced that this one is a real star!DAVID COOK! Watch out! the appearance sucks! but the tone rocks! It looks like a Sherman tank really! I plan to have this baby painted out to look like a model tank soon! TONE: smooth rounded at hi gain, bit nasally but very musical, definitely thickens up your presence to cut through the band, over the top sound clipping, you could almost hear your guitar's original clean sound overtone.


I got this used, from the looks I guess this one is a 10 yr older already. Plasticky, flimsy knobs, just handle with care and this will definitely last a lifetime.

General Comments

belived to be a ts808 clone


and it was! it really was!

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