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Sound Quality

This is one of the best sounding distortion pedals i've ever used. I've heard it only on tube amps and it may not be the same amazing pedal on an SS amp i don't know. I own a Boss Metal Zone and a Line 6 Ubermetal and this Hyper Metal. I'd say the HM-3 is easily my favorite and will NEVER leave my collection. one thing people need to know is this pedal is PRICELESS for what it can do stacked on other distortion/overdrive pedals! The THICK DEEP BASSY nature of this pedal is incredible and i've never heard a pedal that can make sounds like this. If you stack it on any other distortion or overdrive pedal you will get a VERY complex and filthy rich addition to the sound OMG. As someone else stated just lower the drive on each pedal more than you would on their own otherwise it will be a mess. It doesn't have the gain of the mt-2 or the ubermetal but if you drive it with very hot pickups or a overdrive pedal/booster you can get extremely high gain out of it. make no mistake its got alot more gain than something like a overdrive pedal, just not quite a crazy as the MT-2 or uber. Also someone mentioned its an MT-2 without the mid EQ.........eh hem you obviously have no ear whatsoever or you would know an MT-2 doesn't have any of the same character. I like both pedals but the HM-3 is totally different sound. I love having this pedal in my collection. Also for those of you that think it can sound tinny or harsh? HELLO why his your treble dial maxed out? jesus, if you set the treble in the middle it will be an incredibly thick flavor with no tin or hardly any treble at all. I like the treble in the 2'oclock position at max but thats it. Also the bass knob can REALLY dial in some usable bass frequencies UNLIKE the MT-2 (which must have a center frequency at a rididculously low hz like 40hz because it does do much except make my speakers fart and bottom out when turned up). I'll give it a 9 only because i never give anything a 10 unless its beyond heavenly.


no problems as of yet, haven't had it for that long though, but as everyone knows boss pedals are extremely reliable

General Comments

Tired of ear piercing highs, and no lows, and just not enough thick articulate midrange in your distortion pedals? Tired of that sterile sound? GET THIS PEDAL, stack it on top of a MT-2 or ubermetal and you will be in heaven! Again for these types of ratings i reserve 10's for only the very best.....nothing has been good enough that i've heard to get a 10 yet. I'd give this badboy a 9.9 if i could though.

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