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Sound Quality

amazing sustain and very nice controlled feedback that will keep going until you want it to stop (the body is hollow). has a vintage sound that is very unique. can get nice rockabilly twang, thick fuzz early floyd stoner rock sounds, nice mellow jazzy tones..truly remarkable range of sounds can be gotten from it. play everything from velvet underground style to roots reggae, drone-blues etc... sorta reminds me of a rickenbacker 340


perfectly reliable once i changed out the junky 5-way switch


General Comments

i wasnt sure at first. it has to compete with my rickenacker, american fender strat, vintage hofner, vintage PRS, etc... 2 years later i still have it. i wont sell it. if stolen, i probably would get another rickenbacker instead but im glad i own it. it comes in handy when you want a unique, vintage sound...love it for twangy, jangly to psych-rock and fat-possum style blues sounds. its a great guitar and plays as well as anything else i own.. i wish the frets were slightly bigger gauge...they feel a little too low for my tastes but once your used to it and the action is set up properly, your find it very easy to play and hold

Reviewer's Background

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