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DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

Sound Quality

Ibanez RG470XL (stock pickups) and Fender Roc Pro 1000. It can be noisy if left to itself and unless it is quite a way from the amp, is rather noticeable. I like to keep things basic, so after I found a sound I liked, I put the knobs there and have not moved them much, so no idea what the rest sounds like. Sound quality rapidly deteriorates based on battery life, so if you are a super-fool like me and keep using batteries, keep a lot of them because this things churns through them faster than any other device I have ever seen. It is still one of the best-sounding chorus pedals out there, though and very consistent.


I have used it for a gig repeatedly and it is very dependable, but it chews through batteries like fucking crazy and towards the end of their life gets very erratic in its output.

General Comments

I would seek another one of these if I ever had need of replacing this pedal, but I wouldn't look too hard unless I also got a power supply. Man, this thing eats batteries. Sounds great and has stereo-outs, which is very useful, but given how much I play it, I almost think I would stop playing certain songs if I didn't have the pedal, rather than kicking Duracell's stock through the ceiling. I play mostly metal, but some punk, blues and rock, the last is the only rare time I use the pedal and it works well for what I want it to do. I just wish it was easier on batteries.

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