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Sound Quality

At first, I had a small squier 10 watt amp, and it still actually sounded halfway decent. Now I am pumpin' this baby through a Peavey 1200 watt amp into 2 500 watt Crate cabs, way better than the 10 watt. My guitar seems to be what affects the noise the most, I have a Fender Strat, and when I set the tone knobs to certain positions and/or the pickup selector switch to the middle or either end setting, it buzzes, otherwise it's fine. I love the delay and reverb on this thing, pitch is alright, and some of the distortion is great, but when you set it to play an octave down, the response is terrible.


The thing worked great, probably because I treat it like my own flesh and blood, until I accidentally plugged something in wrong. I went from a line output on my amp to the line output on the board, and now whenever I turn it on, It flashes random numbers, I've been assured that it only needs to be reset, and I really hope it's true. Other than that, the thing is made of metal...need I say more

General Comments

I like to play hardcore, rock, etc... the board worked great for that, although it could use some better distortion. Also, I run the sound at my church, and this board works great there, through a Mackie VLZ pro 24 channel board into a Crest Audio 2000 watt amp into 2 peavey 1000 watt speakers, there i mainly just used delay and reverb, because it sounded nice for the old people. Also, even if it was a piece of junk, what's not to like about a processor that I got for 20 bucks!

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