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Sound Quality

I love this little pedal! It is cool for those funky, 70's porno wacka-wacka sounds. Also definitely fun for leads. It can even add a cool analog 70's synth sound with some tweaking. It is simply a fun little pedal. I think it sounds cool with either clean or way distorted tones. This resides on a pedal board with a DOD Phaser, Arion Octave, Ibanez Digital Delay, and a boss NS-2. I love combining this with the octave pedal for some crazy whacked out sounds.


I've never been much of a DOD fan but this pedal and my DOD phaser are going strong with no hiccups yet. The switches are notorious for failing, but I haven't had any problems yet.

General Comments

Love it! It is a fun little pedal for those who like to experiment with different sounds. I would definitely buy it again. It can get addicting to some, annoy others, what more do you want?

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