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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I'm using a rather spartan setup. I play with an Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top guitar (has a gorgeous Ice Tea style burst) w/ a Gibson Burstbucker 1 in the neck position and a Seymour '59 in the bridge. Just gutted it and installed RS guitarworks Superpots for volumes, CTS 500K audio tapers for tones, and RS Caps (.015 neck, .022 bridge). Switchcraft mono jack and short switch complete the electronic. Right now I have just a crap Planet Waves 20 ft. cord going into an MXR Distortion III into the EVJ. These amps are absolutely amazing. I have been running it in all different settings and especially love the dirty sounds. I have found that cranking the amp up all the way, running the gain on the MXR full up, and using the volume on the MXR as a MV elicits some of the most incredible overdrive sounds I have yet experianced. Just going right into the amp sounds great too, but this amp really needs a little bite from an OD to shine. Cranking it and having good electronics in your guitar lets you control all the dynamics. I have been using many tubes. I tried a Mullard EL-84 but found out like everyone else has that these things love JJ EL-84's. They are just smoother and creamier than most others. The preamp slot has been floating between a Tung-Sol 12AX7 and a JAN/Phillips 5751. I personally love both. The JAN has slightly less gain and creamier qualities.


These things are very durable as far as I understand. I don't gig but if I did I would trust that with an Identicle backup I would be fine.

General Comments

These things can't be beat for the price. I plan on getting some mods done to it. Go to turretboards.com and you will find some wonderful stuff. I'm sending it in for a Marshall style turret board, new Output transformer, standby switch, and sag mod.


Lots of luck to all the EVJ users out there. If you havent converted yet you will. Let's face it: Everyone loves power tube saturation. It's the sound of the records you know and love and these little beauties make it possible for all the bedroom players out there.

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