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Sound Quality

Using Carvin and Ibanez electrics and a small Crate GX-20M amp the effect performs relatively well. It's kind of bass heavy and can get muddy, but the pedal has a few "sweet spots". What I've figured out is that if you keep the drive below 12-o-clock you can get some nice bluesy overdrives (nice Cream sound). If you get to the boost stage on the drive knob, you can get a REALLY NICE hard rock/Grunge sound (Nirvana and Pearl Jam, AC/DC). This makes the pedal really noisy, however. Between those two settings results in a harsh muddy distortion that isn't too pleasing. Despite this, the two sweet spots on either end of the drive knob are nice. Might work well as an overdrive pedal too (distoring an already distorted signal) but I haven't tried that.


Nice DOD Reliability. Footswitches sometimes go on these pedals, but I've never had one go on me.

General Comments

I play mostly jazz/latin and blues, and play some harder rock stuff for fun every now and then. I bought this pedal to use for a creamy overdrive and once I found the sweet spot it fills that role well. The nice crunchy hard rock sound was nice surprise too. If I lost this pedal, I'd only replace it if I could get it cheap, but it has proven to be quite a useful pedal. I give it a 7 only because of the bad distortion settings in the middle, other wise a great pedal.

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