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Sound Quality

The three MFD pickups provide a unique sound. They can be very base like if you dial it in. However, even when they are dialed as such they still can provide a piercing tone when picked hard. This is great since it allows you to instill a lot of feeling in to the music. SInce I own an ASAT Classic I have noticed differences. First, the body is heavy. This is significant since it obviously changes the tone of the guitar and it makes your back hurt! For a while I did not like the weight but after a while the sounds that were produced outweighed the drawbacks. I can get tele sounds, strat sounds, unique ASAT III sounds, and even a very rich, full Jazz tone. However, the ASAT Classic when compared to the ASAT III produces a much truer Jazz tone since the neck pickup does not add any Strat sytle overtones. The sustain on the ASAT III is great as well. Note: changing your pickup height has a great effect on the sound of this instrument and I would suspect the other reviewers might not have accounted for this. Overall a great sounding guitar.


You can't do a thing to rattle this instrument.

General Comments

Playing over 10 years. I own and ASAT Classic, ASAT III, and Ibanez AS200. If this guitar were lost or stolen I would try to get it again or maybe try another G&L with similar characteristics.


I love the versatility and sound of this guitar. Way more versatile than any guitar I have ever played.

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