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Sound Quality

I love the sound. I'm a semi-professional player...rockin blues. You can coax two really distinct sounds out of this amp. Depress the Boost Button and the amp comes alive. What a voice! Have the Boost Button out and it's a completely different amp...very, very clean. I can't imagine a tube lover not loving this amp. I mainly play with the boost button depressed which compliments my Strat. Our other guitar player has a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I have to say that my amps sounds as good or better than his does.


Bought it used (not a scratch on it)....so haven't had a chance to break it. I've owned other Peavey amps (Bandit 60, Classic 30 and 50) and they never failed to work.

General Comments

I'd love to have another one!

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