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Fireball Roberts

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

The Sound of this amp is pretty rocking. What attracted me to it is the fact that is runs the gamut of any tone you want. You can go strait up blues or slam some heavy distortion and wail. I run a Mexican Strat strait into it with no effects, which brings up an interesting query. I find that putting stomp boxes infront of the amp ruins the sound. The only way to play this thing is strait into it. Also when switching channels, unless your maxed on the wattage, there is significant volume loss. So you have to be careful, because you can be shredding in a death metal song and then switch to a clean sound and not even hear it. Effects are OK, Delay is fairly decent and reverb leaves little to be admired, but I use it only to get an Idea for a sound, When I play live i use a super reverb.


Fell over many times in the back of my van, no problems yet.

General Comments

The whole reason I bought it was to get as many different sounds as possible. Ive only been playing for about five-six years and haven't been able to really find a kind of music I really like to play. With this amp I don't have to worry, I can play my blues stuff or hard rock, and some metal. Its no replacement for a true tube amp and when I have access to an original black face Super Reverb or Princeton Reverb I play those. The louder this thing goes the better it sounds. But if it broke I would move on up to a true tube amp and get my effects though pedals.

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