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Sound Quality

It's good for volume and whammys and such, but it just is not good for wah. Once you see this pedal, you know it's not. It's not shaped like it and certainly wasn't meant to act like one. There's plenty you can do with it, but wah isn't one of them.


I've heard good and bad things about this. Not sure what to think. I haven't had any problems with it. Although, it was cheap, and it feels cheap, so I would guess it'd go at one point or another.

General Comments

This expression pedal was obviously made only for Zoom products, so I wouldn't use it for anything else. I have the Zoom 505 and that's what I use this with. I actually have the FP-02, but there really is no difference, so I would say this review is legitimate. Only complaint I really have is the wah sucks. Other than that, it's a good expression pedal for Zoom products.

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