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Sound Quality

I put flatwound 12s on it. Stock strings were ok, probably 9 or 10s, but too light for my right hand and tone expectations. Nice acoustic tone--not really loud, but decent volume for a thinline. Electric sound is old school jazz, especially with tone rolled off. But with tone trebled up a bit, it can play blues, country and most traditional styles of music. I've used it in four instances since I got it three days ago: private party, restaurant, coffee shop, and church. The private party (less than 10 people) was all acoustic and everyone loved the look and the sound. Very articulate. At the restaurant and coffee shop, playing solo blues, country, classic rock, and jazz, I used a 50-watt Marshall Acoustic Amp. Sounded just fine, no effects, dry as a bone and true. At the church, I ran it into the board using whatever they had. No complaints, but the acoustic volume can't compete with a flat-top and one of the choir members made note of it. Probably needed better monitor support. At home, I plugged it into a Crate Power Block and cranked it. Nice, nice. Good to feel that hollow body rub against your belly to get a warm feedback. Very brown. Pickup isn't that hot, but pleasant clean tones and smooth overdriven sounds, so don't expect crunchy distortion. Slide felt good, though unusual with the flats.


This guitar's already withstood live playing. Passed with flying colors. All gigs so far have been sit down. After reading about the strap button, I'm a bit worried. It does seem a bit loose. Keep checking that screw! Should always take a backup, but I prefer to make one trip from car to gig, so haven't used a backup.

General Comments

I've been playing for close to two decades. Main stage electric guitar is heavily modified Peavy tele-copy; main acoustic-electric is a battered flat-top Takamine. Amps mentioned above. Various other gear.


Replace this guitar if it were stolen or lost? Yes. As soon as possible.


I purchased this guitar based on the reviews on this site. Good job fellow pickers! Pretty accurate reviews overall.


Based on this guitar and my experience with it, I'm thinking about getting the J4, Washburn's take on the Howard Roberts Artist, or maybe even getting the HB15C with the Florentines.


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