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King Koeller

Memphis Continued Memphis Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

I said how much? and he said 50 bucks , I said sold...the very fist thing I did was take the old rusty strings off. Then I took the bridge and de-rusted it with a brass wire brush and some oil. I took the body off from the neck and coated the entire bare wood body with lemon oil. Then, hand rubbed it into the grain, then got some car wax (Brazilian carnauba, no silicone!) and hand rubbed the body to a deep shine. It was still bare wood, but now it was beautiful! I noticed the body was  laminated from solid layers of ash and mahogany, no plywood here, it weighed a ton. I reattached the neck and rebuilt all 4 of the tuning machines. They were standard Fender copy, with butterfly heads. I got online and learned that MATSUMOKU made all the Memphis bass in the mid 70's and early 80's in Japan. This bass was made before Fender Japan was established.


I bought a set of Fender Pure nickle 7150's in a med light gauge of .100"- .080"- 065"- .045" . The stings tuned up perfectly.  Everybody on here complains about the strap buttons coming off, not mine, I use tooth picks to fill the holes until the screws are as tight as can be.They are solid, they will never ever come off. Then I used over sized strap buttons... Now the moment of truth... I plugged it in,.Nothing. It was dead as a doornail...I took it to my electrician friend who had to resolder the wires to the output jack and also one pick up wire. Now when that was fixed we plugged it in and it was screaming!!! I could believe it! It sound like RUSH, or the bass player from SEINFIELD....

General Comments

from a distance it looks like a Fender bass, but sound even better. Those pickups are aged  now,and are fat and funky.If a Saw another one... I would snap it up in a heartbeat.This bass is ogled and admired everywhere I go. On every gig, people want to buy it, play it or both. It must be because it's bare wood. and no paint.I got a thick leather strap for it. I almost forget to mention the action was a mile high, but I turned the truss rod and tightened it (5MM allen wrench) and all of a sudden the neck was straight. Justin had never adjusted the neck.The truss was so loose it almost never tightened,but then it caught on... whew!, I then adjusted the intonation, and it's dialed in perfectly now. The tone is very Jaco sounding, with alot of fat and deep bottom end. The neck is fast, a full 34" scale and the bridge is a standard fender original style...I'm so happy!

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