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Sound Quality

I plugged it in and  was amazed at how this bass has such a full bass sound. Deep and full with a round pure tonal quality. My jazzer friend said it's the next best thing to an Upright bass. It's tone is perfect for Jazz , classic 1960's surf rock and blues . It would even be perfect for rock-a-Billy. On my bass gigs here in Dayton the bass has  been played 5 times now at numerous gig's and Jam sessions around town. It remains my number one choice because of tha rich deep tone.. people are always asking what it is, and I just say  "It's a Gibson EB-2 Copy from Japan".


It's pretty light for a full sized full hollow body, not semi hollow.The wood looks to be a type of laminate, but I could be wrong. The neck wood looks like NATO wood from Japan. The rose wood bridge was bone dry and I applied Lemon oil to restore the beautiful grain and luster from the wood. The bass is all restored now, but still has many signs of neglect and battle scars. I guess today, people pay big money for a dented up relic finish... This bass is already the real thing. I dialed the tone control down to zero (full dark), to cover up the string round wound finger noise(Fret squeak). One old time rock and roller said that this bass really needs flat wounds to have the real  1960's sound. He said that this bass was probably made between 1967 and 1969. From the looks of the wire harness and pick-ups I would say he's right on the money.  I would guess that this bass was made by MATSUMOKU in Japan, the same company that made Aria, and UNIVOX. It is a real looker now, and everywhere I go to play people want to buy the bass off of me. I was offered $599.00. I said no way.

General Comments

I blast from the past, very musical tone and great feel all add up to immense creative enjoyment at the Jazz and Blues gig's. I can really fill up the room with this bass. I was playing throught a vintage POLYTONE AMP 100 watts. When you solo on it up high it takes on a kind of Jaco fretless quality to it's tone! Some day i'll get it refreted but for now it sounds great and plays great. Photos are coming.

King Koeller

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