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Sound Quality

I ahev played thru several amps, currently using an Ibanez TB100, and after playing around with the "clean" sound setting on the amp, got most of my patches edited to sound great with it. The effects always sound great - good quality, and the damn Cabinet Emulator kicks ass when going straight to a mixer or computer - which I do a lot. The only GRIPE I have about this thing is that when switching from patch to patch, you get this little 1/2 second delay which is annoying as all @#$&!!


I have beat the crap out of this thing over the years and it's time for a replacement, but it has always been reliable. I will keep it for studio recording, but I think I am gonna go stomp boxes now cause I hate the delay ya get when switching patches in multi-effect units.

General Comments

I don't know how the newer units are as far as having a slight delay when switching patches, but for any type of music this thing is great.

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