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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I'm using BcRich and ESP guitars with Duncan and Dimarzio pickups (I prefer Dimarzio by a long shot though!). It doesn't suit me at all. The rhythm sounds I can get are very dark and muddy and/or they don't have enough gain. The addition of an EQ can't cure a thing, it's downright awful for rhythm sounds. As far as lead sounds are concerned, it's just as awful and poor. The lead sounds are not focused, they're not tight and screaming. Maybe they scream a little, but if your tone is not focused, what can you do?? Clean sounds, believe it or not, are rich and tight!!! Some of the best dry clean sounds I've heard! Too bad I don't care about them! If someone asks me how brutal is the distortion.....I would say it is very brutal, but it's not TIGHT! AND I HATE PLAYING IN AN AMP THAT'S NOT TIGHT! Talk about tight, my Metal-Zone into my small peavey amp, THIS IS TIGHT...all the notes are heard and there's GOBS of pouring tight GAIN!! Overall, I'd rather use my Metal-Zone that this preamp.....it sounds awful! I use a Peavey classic 60/60 power amp (groove tubes and mesa-boogie tubes) and a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab with celestions. I rate it 2 for clean sounds, but for distortion it's a big ZERO!


NO! The knob that is used to change parameters keeps skipping the damn presets. Also, the output level knob stops the output when it's halfway open!! IT STINKS ON ICE!

General Comments

I've been playing for 5 years now and I have tried a {censored}load of stuff. The best sounds I heard are from a Marshall DSL 100 cranked. I thought the JMP-1 would sound EXACTLY like it...BUT IT IS NOT!


IMHO, the best midi preamps on the market are:


-ADA MP-1.....GREAT LEAD SOUNDS!!! GAINY AND SHREDDY! SCREAMS. It lacks a bit of tightness, but it is still GREAT.


-Rocktron PIRAHNA.....kickass scooped tight rhythm sounds!!


-Rocktron CHAMELEON and VOODOO VALVE.....probably the best I've tried overall! TIGHT GAIN!!


The JMP-1 tries to be a good preamp, but fails admirably.


I'm gonna throw it out of the window and get a used ADA MP-1 or a Rocktron preamp. Then I would have the GAIN and SHRED SOUNDS I need and crave!!


Don't be fooled into buying this thing....a real Marshall DSL/TSL sounds mucho better!

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