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Sound Quality

This wah is not noisy unless you dime the little gain knob or engage the red boost button. I never use the boost and I keep the gain knob at about about 1/4 up. I like some of the sounds. It's taken me a little time to tweek the wah sound I like but the ones that I've found are pretty cool. I like the Fulltone Clyde a bit more because it has that growl that goes with the wah.


I rate this low because the first one I bought would not work; when I turned it on, very little noise came out and there was no wah. I put in another battery to see if it was the battery but it wasn't. I returned it and was given a new one. When I got the new one, the first thing I noticed was that the back plate was warped in the middle. Then, I noticed the switch had a hard time engaging on and off. It worked though and I did not consider the switch to be defective because it turned on and off. As such I didn't return it. Lately however, I've had to hit the switch a few times to get it working. I definitely need to change the switch. These little things are enough to turn me away from using Dunlop products.

General Comments

I'm not saying this wah is bad. It has a lot of functions-and it's easy to adjust those functions unlike say the teese rmc-3. However, what really bums me is the reliability of this wah. Dunlop really needs to look at their quality control. I did forget to mention-when you open the plate up-it looks like slop inside there. The Clyde is absolutely clean in comparison.

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