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Sound Quality

I'm using an 83 Les Paul Firebrand, through a Samson SR-2 wireless, then into a Morley volume/wah (like I said, the RP wah sucks), to the RP to a generic stereo volume pedal (I prefer to CC link to other functions than volume) to an Ampeg SS-70 solid state combo. The noise gate is great and keeps even the nastiest fuzz from humming, the distortion is good (I came to this from a Tube Screamer), and other than the usual Digitech limitation of effect combinations, I can usually get what I want out of it.


Like I said, my daughter's stepped all over it and it's fine.

General Comments

OK. The price seems unbelievable, but I bought the unit from a pawn shop which didn't have a power converter and got a hell of a deal--$45. Then I got the converter for another $30 elsewhere. But I would have bought it anyway, coming from a GSP-5 and tube screamer. I mainly play blues, but often end up in classic rock cover bands. The multiple banks for preset pedals are great for tons of sounds.

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