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Sound Quality

The only thing I don't like is that you can't turn individual effects on and off in the signal chain. You have to make duplicate settings minus the desired effect. I guess that's what they make stomp boxes for. Also, the wah stinks. I compare it to a Dunlop, so I guess I'm not being fair. I run this into a Carvin T100 stereo power amp driving 2 Carvin 2/12 cabs with 200 watt speakers. I like it at 4 ohms and the presence about 90%. I DI this with the emulator alot, and no one can believe how huge it is. Everyone thinks I ran my stack at full blast.


I always run it without backup. I run Bass and Vocals thru it when recording. The S/N is great and lots of headroom.

General Comments

This unit is very easy to use to replicate as long as you have basic soundcraft skills, a ton of stomp box experience, or a combination of both. I used a huge pedalboard and racks before I bought this. The only thing that now doesn't collect dust is my talkbox. I sold my amp, all my pedals except three, and tossed the rack stuff. I'm a 22 year vet with tons of stage and recording exp. If I could afford it, I'd buy three more. One for insurance (backup live rig just in case of voltage problems) the rest for the sheer pleasure of owning them. Like a sports car. One is great, but twoo or three would just be that much better.

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