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Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality now that I understood where to place it for my needs (been using it for past 10+ year with ****** sound quality!) The main goal for me when buying this pedal was to have a relatively clean boost for the lead work. I thought it was making sense putting it in the effect loop to get this extra volume needed to make myself heard. BIG DISAPOINTMENT that i learned to live with until yesterday at rehersal. Don't aske me why, but i spent some time the other day thinking back on that pedal and why it sounded so like crap when other people are so happy with it. ANSWER : if you want a clean boost for lead work place it LAST in the chain in your FX Loop. Mine was first in the chain, and was generating nothing but microphonic feedback, hiss whatever, enterint (boosted) the other pedals (boss delay and chorus). It is now working as it was supposed to do... after 10+ years of misuse!!! It may sound stupid, which I might be, but as simple and logical as it seems to me today, it never was for the past years! so if you want clean volume boost (even slight mid boost), LAST ON THE FX LOOP after ALL other pedals.


General Comments

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