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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

this guitar earned a four for me after about two months of use because two out of the three pickups sound quiet nice if you can get the neck to stop buzzing and you dont have any overdrive on but the bridge pickup is down right terrible, it buzzes even on clean with a low volume and distorts when you strum more than three notes at a time. the other two pickups are better as long as the tone is kept all the way down otherwise the buzz like crazy too. and i know this is not just mine becuase ive played several of this very same guitar with no signs of a simple dudd its the whole batch


the body on this guitar is fairly solid. the finish is decent if not a little messy the strap buttons are good with a new strap instead of the one they give you. the guitar is not good enough for a live show it may cut out from time to time and if you are playing a gig with it bring two or three just incase of a malfunction like your imput falling out.


General Comments

if your looking for a begining guitar and dont plan on playing to much then this is a great deal. but if you plan on playing alot then get something else i would recomend an ibanez or and esp starter pack if you have the money just go get all of the things you will need separatly a $100 amp and a $200 guitar will be a thousand times better than any starter pack and you get to pick and choose whatever make and model you want. i took a chance on this and i regret it

Reviewer's Background

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