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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I'm currently using it with a Squire Tele Custom II, which has 2 Duncan design P-90s. It's capable of nice round clean sounds, albeit only at lower volumes. Overdrive isn't bad -- not as buzzy as some inexpensive amps. I have noticed that the tone controls are a bit spotty -- you do have to play around a bit to find its sweet spots, but once you do, they're not at all bad. For most casual usage it's perfectly adequate. Clean channel is most definitely distorted at high volumes, but hey, it's an 18-W amp, so what would you expect? If I need lots of clean headroom, I'll put on my back brace and lug my 100W Sundown combo.


Really can't comment. I've heard some people make various gripes about crate in general, and this one in particular, but I've been using it daily for a couple of months now, and it has yet to "burst into flame," as someone claimed.

General Comments

I've been playing since 1966. First guitar was a Gretsch Corvette. Second was a used '61 SG-Les Paul, that I acquired in a pawn shop for $175. Since then I've owned a myriad of guitars and amps -- Boogies, Marshalls, several blond Fenders. All of which is just to say that I do know good gear, and can tell the difference. This is no Dumble, but on the other hand, it's leaps and bounds beyond the cheap, solid-state practice amps I was looking at in this price range. I chose this because it had tubes, a 12" speaker, reverb, and enough power to be more than a bedroom practice amp. It's not the greatest amp I've ever played, but it sure isn't holding me back any. It's definitely a very usable piece of gear for those (like me) on a budget.

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