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Sound Quality

You can get a wide range of sounds from the Pro-Fex. If a decent sound cannot be found, check the guitar, poweramp or playing. Distorions sound overly harsh (although I found a nice Santana-like overdrive in this box). Once I discovered the difference between tube and digital distortions, I've gone strictly tube (although this is a matter of taste since some seem to prefer digital distortions). I used a Digitec rack effects processor with its two 12AX7 preamp tubes for many years with the ProFex. I much preferred Peavey's digital effects over the more costly Digitec effects. The Peavey could not touch digitec's distortions though. I've added a Mesa Studio Preamp, Bottle Bocket and 50/50 power amp to my set-up. These days I mainly use the ProFex for the midi channel switching of its chorus and delay in the Mesa's loop. I play an American specialty Strat, a Guild S-300, and Martin and Alverez acoustics. I gig regularly and have even ran my acoustic into the ProFex through a full-range high-end speaker (sounded better than my church's Fender acoustic amp!). Ten years ago I would have given this unit a 9. Today, while it still sits in my rack, I do not use it much.


It has never let me down in the years I've owned it.

General Comments

This unit is OK but I'm moving to simplify my Rack. Right now I'm dragging around 8 spaces. I think I can get it down to five with my Mesa pre and power amps and a simple power conditioner. I have ancient pedals that provide very nice chorus and delays (the only things for which I now use the Peavey). I don't think I'll sell the Profex though. I plan to use it as effects for my home rack recording unit. I just don't want to drag so much gear anymore. This is a great little unit for those just building their rack. I've seen them sell for $100 dollars in local pawn shops. It provided me years of pleasurable usage. These days I've found other equipment (costing costiderably more) that simply sounds much much better.

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