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Alesis Q20 Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I am using a custom built Strat w/ hot and cool rails through a Boss V-wah, Digitech Whammy, Smallstone Phase, DOD Envelope filter 440 >> Korg DTR-2 tuner >> Yamaha DG-1000 preamp >> the Q-20 >> BBE Sonic Maximizer 322 >> DBX 266xl compressor(for more gain) >> Marshall EL34 50/50 >> Marshall 1960 B-cab with 4 Vintage 30's. I also use other Fender-style customs with Texas Specials. This unit is NOISE FREE! I mean REALLY QUIET. The effects sound sweet once you know how to play with them. A lot of the factory presets also sound good. Jag Tanna (guitar god) of I Mother Earth uses an Alesis Q-2 which is the 16-bit version of this 20-bit unit. I can definately get his sound. The reverbs and delays are supreme and I also love the Tremelo. All other effects are amazing as well, you just need to find the sweet-spot.


I use it without a backup 4 times per week. So yes I would reccomend the same.

General Comments

If this was stolen I would call a ninja and have this persons head cut off. Then I'd buy 5 more....

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