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IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb

Sound Quality

All the 4 plugins sound very good. The inverse one applied to a good snare sample sounds incredible. the only other reverb plugins I used were waves and this one completely blows them away. I prefer these to impulse reverbs also.



General Comments

I bought this as part of the total effects bundle and it was worth every cent.


It is also light on the CPU. On my out of date machine each plugin uses a average of 3% processing time. I really don't think these plugins could be any better.

Reviewer's Background

I hyave been making music for 15 years. This is version 1.1 of CSR and as I write this I'mstill using it on 3.2 Ghz P4 with 1Gb Ram. I make reagge/dub/chill out music so reverbs are pretty important. I use a RME fireface and either wharfedale's diamond pro with a tannoy TS-10 subwoofer or AKG K-240 headphones.

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