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Sound Quality

this amp sounds better than it should for the price. i played it with my strat, and an epiphone les paul, and it sounded great with both. i tried a few pedals with it, and it responded well. i am currently getting the best sound from the strat into a modified boss ds-1 to the valve junior, into a 1x12 alnico mojo tone speaker.


too soon to tell, but it seems to be made well for the price.

General Comments

overall, i would say this amp is a steal for the price. you can't get anything that sounds this good for this amount of money, anywhere. take a look around and see what kind of amp 100 dollars will get you. i have only been playing guitar for about 2 years, and i have never played through the top dollar gear. most of the amps i have owned have fallen into the $150 dollar or less category, and i think if you are used to playing premium or vintage gear, you might not like it, but if you are used to playing 100 dollar gear, you will love it. it might not sound as good as your friends bad cat or your daddies old marshall, but for $100 dollars shipped to your door, you cannot go wrong with this amp.

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