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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Firstly, I am using the JMP1 with a Mashall EL34 100/100 and a Rocktron Intellifex Online for effects (not that I use many at all). I have a cheap guitar that I have put EMG-81 pickups in (there is a long story behind this guitar, I like it even though it was really cheap. I play Hardcore punk/metal stuff, but its very metal based (dropped-D, lots of muting etc). At first I didn't really like it at all (I was using a Peavey Classic 50/50 poweramp) because it lacked a alot of gain and punchyness. After a bit of tweaking I was starting to get more of the sound that I was after. At one stage I tried to but it through a BOSS e.q pedal but this sucked all of the tone out of it even though it improved the gain - it started sounding too much like a metal zone which I don't like cause they really lack tone. If you want a punchy sound on the JMP1 than you need to pair it up with a good poweramp. The louder you crank it the better it gets so if you are planning to use this in your bedroom or something than I wouldn't recommend it. I give it an 8 becasue the tone is amazing, and I've had many people comment about how good it sounds. It is good for what I want to use it for, I am not after a korn or deftones sound - too compressed for my liking. It does need a bit more gain and it is not as tight as it could be. I like the clean sounds, you can get a good range from really dry to a nice warm saturated sound. I use two clean sounds and one distortion. I can't remember what my distortion setting are, originaly I had the Gain on 20, bass on 6 treble on 6 and mids on -6 then I think I made some adjustments. It will take you a while to get "your" sound as with any amp, but it is very basic and a bit limited


As yet I havn't had any problems. Yes it does skip patches when using the knob but I alway use the foot controller anyway so that doesn't really bother me

General Comments

I'mm 22, I've been playing since I was about 18 (so thats not very long), I've been playing in this band for about 2 years and have had this the JMP1 for about 8 months. If it was lost/stolen I probably wouldn't replace it, I think I would move away from rack gear and get myself a head and a few decent pedals. I have mixed fealings about the sound, sometimes it amazes me, as I said the tone really makes this thing stand out, if it wasn't for that than I would have sold it and got something with more gain and response. If anyone knows how I could get more gain from it let me know (please email me). I want to try using a blackjack pedal from rocktron with it which is a gain booster. I have thought about changing the tube but I don't know how effective this would be and I wouldn't wan't to alter the tone too much.


The other night a guitarist from another hardcore band used it and ended up using my guitar aswell. This was the first time I was actually able to hear it for myself. I was stoked that it was my rig because I alway thought that it sounded a bit week but it was pure power, sounded aweseome.

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