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Sound Quality

Wonderful tones. Can't hardly get a bad sound out of this amp. Blues, classic rock, hard rock... can get all these tones, awesome powder and sound. Have been playing humbuckers and P90s only with it but feel that others will be good, too. I don't need a pedal with this amp... you can dial in almost anything except over-the-top distortion. Normally I use an overdrive, compressor and sometimes chorus. Will do for jazz, but serious jazz player will want a Roland or other like the new Fender Ultralight. Can't do better for blues and blues-rock, this is the ticket. Again, awesome amp with great power and tone, quiet even when cranked. Also, sounds good at low volume, much better than many other amps. You can get great distorted tones at low vol (of course I have the 15 watt 1/2 power custom switch on this, which helps) with high gain and low vol.


Built like a truck. This is a pretty big amp, taller than the Classic 30 but more versatile. I'd gig without backup but of course always recommend one (I use a Crate solid-state backup). Can't wait to gig with it... just got it but my gigability just went up by a factor of 3 or so... Peavey is famous for reliability and Classic 30 is known for this. This is a Classic 30 with extra bells and whistles.

General Comments

Playing 35 yrs, blues, a little jazz, classic rock, folk-rock, prog rock, etc.

Have Gibson ES125, Schecter elec, Fender strat, Oscar Schmidt OE30 (this is great, by the way, for $150), Yiari WY-1 acoustic.

For amps, have or have had: Fender Champ, Custom copy of 50's Fender Deluxe head, Vox Cambridge 30 (trash... I use it as speaker cab), Crate Taxi 30(this is the Cat's meow for battery power amp), Fender Princeton. Also recently got an Epiphone Valve Jr head, which is cool for edgy Class A blues-type amp.

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