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Sound Quality

Sound quality is excellent. I use this pedal to drive a Peavey Classic 20 all tube amplifier. I can get just about any kind of sound I want. Turn the gain dain down and the guitar sounds like a 60's overdrive. Turn the gain up and some excellent heavy metal tones come out. This pedal is great for playing everything from 70's rock, to vintage 80's hard rock/heavy metal. Can even make it fuzz a little. There is hardly any noise. The 3-band EQ is pretty flexible.


I could depend on this pedal. The box is made of metal. It's got a heavy-duty metal footswitch. It comes with an AC adapter. I wouldn't rough it up, though, because I wouldn't want to break the tube inside. I would probably bring along another pedal just in case. I bring my digital efects board with me everywhere I jam, anyway. Other than the tube inside, I wouldn't worry about it breaking. It's built very well.

General Comments

Not only would I buy this pedal again, I should have bought this pedal in the first place! I don't think I'll be needing to buy anymore distortion boxes. This one seems to do it all. I don't think this unit is really made by Ibanez, though. The manual tells you that if you need service, to call Keynote Industries, Tube Works Division. I have not tried a Tube Works pedal, so I could not give a comparison. It seems like this pedal will last a long time, though. It costs a lot more than a solid state distortion pedal, but the sound you get absolutely worth it. Nothing beats the sound of a real tube. With the 3-band EQ, it's like a fuzz box, overdrive, distortion, heavy metal, and hard rock pedal all in one!

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