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Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent. It uses 12-bit sampling, which produces pretty decent sound. The sample and infinite repeat feature sound kay, but you'll notice that the shorter delay settings give you even better sound quality. It is absolutely quiet. No buzzing, pops, or other problems. The sound does not degrade with longer repeats. It sounds good.


Can definatly rely on this unit. Like all DOD pedals, it is built in a die-cast box. I would use it on a gig without backup, but I need to practice the timing of the infinite repeat before I do, though. The manaul states that batteries will last about 4 hours. I don't care. I use rechargable 9-volts with no problems.

General Comments

I think it's a great pedal and would recommend it to anyone looking either for a delay effect or infinite repeat. I bought it mainly to help me practice playing lead guitar. I sample a short rythm and play to it. The pedal samples for 4 seconds, the most I've seen so far in a delay pedal. This is my fourth pedal I bought from DOD. For the money and functionalily, I don't think you can do better anywhere else. This unit was compared to BOSS pedals, but BOSS only samples for 2 seconds and costs a lot more. Zoom makes a sound processor that also samples 4 up to seconds, but has presets, not knobs. I like knobs because I find that presets limit me. Besides, you can really STOMP on a DOD pedal and not worry about it falling apart, especially on stage. If you're thinking about a delay pedal, go for the DOD!

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