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Sound Quality

Sound quality is excellent. Very little noise. This unit can recreate just about any sound I want. Everything from a slight overdrive, to fuzz, to some great heavy metal can come out of this box. Since this unit is so flexible, it would probably be the only distortion box anyone would ever need.


Seems pretty reliable. The box is made of metal. The footswitch is a metal heavy-duty switch. I wouldn't rough it up too much, though, because of the tube inside. I always bring my digital effects board with me as backup for all my effects pedals. Other than the tube, I would say that this box is very reliable.

General Comments

This is an excellent pedal! Since the EQ is so flexible, it is the only distortion pedal one would ever need. I would definately buy this pedal again. As a matter of fact, I should have bought this one in the first place! I compared this to the BOSS MT-2, and this pedal gave a much smoother distortion. It is well worth the extra money.

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