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Sound Quality

This pedal sounds really nice and has a wide range of tones. It has that nice analogue flanger tone that I was looking for. The ADA flanger was too expensive. The MXR Reissue sounded too STRONG, no matter how I set the knobs. The Electric Mistress reissue sounded too weak. Digital flangers sound to brash and metallic. This flanger sounds very natural and has a wide range of tones. The sweep speeds range from that slow DOKKEN FLANGE sound up to a space gun. The regeneration knob can give you either a slight swirl or make a Concord jet pass by.


It's made of all metal. The jacks are nice and firm. The paint job doesn't scratch too easily. The footswitch is a nice metal heavy-duty one. This pedal should last a pretty long time. I would gig without a backup. It doesn't seem to eat too many batteries.

General Comments

I rated this pedal before and bombed it because the one I tried in the store would make strange sounds when the sweep was low. Maybe the one I was auditioning had a bad battery. I didn't think of changing it in the store at the time. I went back to the store a year and half later, and the one they had this time sounded absolutely terrific! I tried it side-by-side with the Electric Mistress reissue, MXR Reissue, and the ADA reissue and the Morley sounded the best. Yet, it was cheaper than those brands! I also have a Morley Bad Horsie Wah and I'm pretty happy with that pedal, too! Morley seems to make good stuff. After speaking with that friendly customer support person, I feel even more confident in buying even more Morley pedals.

That blinking LED looks pretty cool when the sweep is low and helps you time the sweep for that "jet plane" effect.

This is a great sounding pedal and I would definitly replace it if it were lost or stolen. The flanger I bought the last time was a DOD 747, which is a digital flanger. I'm pretty happy with this petal, too, but I find that digital flangers produce different kinds of tones from the analogue ones. I use both flangers in my effects chain. When I want to sound "traditional" and mellow, I kick in the Morley. When I feel like getting crazy and zany with a digital sound, I kick in the DOD. DOD makes good pedals, too.

If you are looking for a flanger, definitely check out Morley's! I even makes some good chorus sounds, as well. It's a great pedal!

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