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Sound Quality

The wah sounds great and pretty intense. I plug the output from my Ibanez Tube King into this and I get sounds from Jimi Hendrex to Steve Vai. The tone controls on my Tube King taylor the sound. Even by itself, without the distortion, this pedal sounds great. The pedal is very quiet. Not noisy at all. The bypass mode seems to not affect the signal, either.


This pedal is made of metal. No potentiometers to wear out or footswitches to break. I would use this without a backup. It seems built pretty well.

General Comments

I would definately buy this pedal again. The sound is excellent! It seems built to last a long time. The pedal feels pretty sturdy and smooth under foot. One can spend hours experimenting and getting different sounds out of this pedal, especially with different distortion settings. My only gripe is that I wish it had some sort of adjustment that would let us select how long of a delay before it switches into bypass mode when you let up the pedal. This would prevent us from accidentally going into bypass mode when we really DON't want to. Other than that, it's a great pedal and would recommend it to anyone! Good job Morley!!!

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