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Sound Quality

Of all the Flangers that I tried, this one sounded the best. I even compared this one to both the A/DA and Morley flangers, and I still preffer the DOD Flanger. The DOD flanger can make some really cool sounds, especially when the Mach, or rate, is set to slow, and the PAYLOAD knob is turned about half-way. Very versatitle. I find a new sound out of this box everytime I play it. It's also pretty quiet. No hum or noise. It doesn't sound so "processed" or "metallic" like other digital Flangers. Can set it so that it sounds nice and subtle like an analogue flanger.


It's built out of cast iron like all the other DOD stomp boxes. The foot switch seems sturdy, as well. I think this one will last a long time. I don't know how it treats (or eats) batteries though. I would take this along without a backup.

General Comments

The BEST Flanger I tried. I would definately buy this one again. I compared this to the A/DA flanger and the Morley Saphire Flanger. This one had all the sounds I was looking for, and then some. The A/DA sounded too extreme, no matter how I set the knobs. The Morley kind of "bugged out" when the sweep was low. I would definately recommend this pedal for performing musicians, since it sounds really good and seems to be built tough enough to take the abuse that traveling can give it. DOD makes a really good Flanger pedal and this one is definately worth checking out.

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