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Sound Quality

The sound quality is fantastic. I only use the various reverbs, chorus, delays and flanges in light doses. It enhances everything without sapping away any tone. I have used it in 4 different rigs. Marshall Valvestate 100, Marshall JCM 900, Tech NYC Sansamp PSA-1 and now a POD Pro. It kills all stomp boxes I have tried and absolutely kills the effects on the Line 6 Pod Pro. I turn all my effects off. I thought of getting the TC G Force but really didn't feel the need to. It has 24 bit processing when most CD players are only 16 bit. Well, it is good enough.


I have used it since 1995 without issues. It is my only guitar FX rack unit and I have done about 200 shows/gigs with it. Never had a problem. I never really had a proper professional backup or felt the need for one. However, I usually carry a Boss Delay and an overdrive pedal just in case.

General Comments

I have been playing since I was 9. I am 35 now. I own my own commercial studio in Singapore so i have a lot of gear. I play a variety of styles including rock, blues, funk, fusion, smooth jazz, reggae and a lot of Top 40s pop in my earlier days. I have played Slayer type metal in my younger days. I jam with some local sessionists weekly and always get praised on my tone.


I currently use a Mesa Boogie F50 or JCM 2000 TSL in the studio. I use the Line 6 Pod Pro combined with the Intellifex for my gigs.


I have over 20 guitars including 6 USA Hamers (1989 to 2002), 1954 & 2 X 1962 Custom Shop Strats, Les Paul Classic, EVH Wolfgang Custom hard tail, Godin Multiac Jazz, Musicman Luke, 2 X Taylors, Guild, ...


If it ever got burnt out, I would definitely look at another Rocktron product or get the TC Electonics G System or G Force,just for a change.


I love the clear sound and the ease of use. Mind you I have had it for over 10 years. It was a real winner back then. It still sounds better than anything today. I use it a master midi mapper without any dropout.


When I younger, I wished it had an intelligent pitch shifter. There is a pitch shifter ... only not intelligent. Now, the device is perfect. I use the plate verbs for rhythms sounds and the delays for solo sounds.


With the POD Pro and the Intellifex, I can create most sounds required on record. It does not have any whacky whammy, synth, tone generators, feedback effects and the like. It does a few things only but very, very well.


I love the unit and it has helped me get a lot of work and compliments. It has also give me years of pleasure.

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