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Sound Quality

It'll take you a while to get the hiss out of it, but other than that it's fine.. The baby kicks for the price.. it has reverb, delay, delay, multitap, distortion, flange, chorus, and eq... The reverb is the one of the things I can't get enough of... You can get some really spooky sounding organ/choir effects through your guitar using it's reverb.


It'll rust if you leave it outside too long... there is a battery in it that keeps resetting the values ever now and then for some reason... but other than that... it's been through hell and back and it still works...


General Comments

We nick named our first GSP-5 "God" because of the range of sounds we could receive from it... Not too shortly after we were blessed with another GSP-5 at the same pawn shop.. This rack is amazing... We use it mainly for the distortion, delay, and reverb. and it's so WARM.. My digitech RP-7 sounds so dead compared to the GSP-5 (and I made $300 for the RP-7).

Reviewer's Background

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