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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This guitar is great for my Cyber rock sound. The Low B adds a great low end. I had trouble making the change from a six string to a seven string but Its getting better. Im using a fender Rocpro 1000 with two twelve inch speakers. Very mean sound with distortion I plug it straight in to the amp running through nothing. I use it with a SG standard The SG is my main guitar. So i wish this had seperate volume but No big deal. The guitar is kinda muddy but great for the money. ( I think I got spoiled and forgot what an average priced guitar sounded like.)


High quality but Always buy strap locks. I may replace pickups with dimazios but thats a big maybe. I would use it with out back up its very solid.


General Comments

Ive wanted a seven for a while but was always an extra so when I sold my Fender Jaguar I immediately went to the store and looked at them. If it were stolen I would buy it again with out hesitation.

The sound quality and feel is so different from my sg and it has seven strings intead of six so no comment.

Reviewer's Background

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