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Sound Quality

I play my Guild only as a casual guitar, I don't play professionally. I like to play blues stuff, not too narly, sort of early BB king, Albert Collins, Chicago south side in the 60s kind of stuff. It is heard through a Fender Vibrolux Reverb of 1967 [pre-silver face] vintage. I have owned the amp since 1968, still totally mint and original. The Guild is wonderful for chord playing, and still a fine ax for lead...with the right pickup mix it can throw quite a hard note as well. It is very versitile! Over the years I have had the pots get noisy, but a good flushing and lubing about 8 years ago still has them quiet. The toggle switch got really stiff, and its in mother of a place to get to, but an application of one of those modern wonder-lubes eventually worked its way in and restored the original feel, so I didn't have to pull it out for service. I use an old WaWa from the late 70s and a recent XXL stomp box to add a little flavor once in while. The basic long sustain of the guitar makes for great long fuzzzzzzes, like when pulling a note really tight on a blues solo, with the XXL stomp. My only complaint about this great instrument is that it a bit bulky to play when sitting on a sofa. Thats where a Parker really shines....any position, it fits! I'll never sell my Guild. I'll keep it until I die, I LOVE it.


THis guitar has never let me down. 100% reliable,even when I played a few gigs back a teenager. [not many girls on stage in those days] Mechanically tight and solid. Firm hardware attachemts. Smooth pegs, The only finish problem I have had is due to shrinkage of the banding in the cutaways.

General Comments

The only other guitar I woulds like to own is a Parker Fly. I've had Strats and others that have come and gone, by my Guild is my baby! Its been about 35 years now and I'm going for a lifetime. I would be hard pressed to know what to replace it with if it went away. The new ones are look-alikes, but not feel and sound alike! Old guitars are nice. Of new-modern guitars, only the Parker Fly offers something different that would be worth my owning it.

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