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Sound Quality

I have owned this unit for about a year, At first I loved the sounds after a while I grew to hate them.... there is somthing very stiff about the chorus, and the very digital sounding reverbs.... tin rooms. But having siad that, the sounds are usable. The analog section is cool. The device sounds great direct into a board, however I have been bypassing the pre section in favor of my Boogie mark IIb preamp.


(The real reason why I'm submiting this review) Last night, on a gig the inputs on it started messing up. I suffered total signal loss several times. It killed me. It has been "limping" of late, I noticed a few DB level drop depending on the input I used, that got to be more and more over time. It all came to a head last night when the input on the rear stoped working all together. ... You only have to have a unit go out on a gig once, to realy lose faith and my fait in this unit is gone.

General Comments

I would not buy this unit again. I do not recomend it to anyone, I know that it would work quite well for some folks, and it will (once I get it fixed) live in my studio rack, but for me it has proven unrelaiable for live use... In addition, it can take up to a full second to switch patches (even with the cross fade seemless option, there is a noticable and long delay... and no delay in the analog section which can cause a jerky sounding patch change)... if you must get one, get it cheap and used, then it *might* be worth it.

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