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Hughes & Kettner Edition 1 112 Combo

Sound Quality

I use Les Pauls or an occasional Tele, straight ahead ROCK. It's a great 2 channel workhorse. The bass can get a little muddy as you turn up the volume, but if you adjust eq as your turn up, it's ok. Like I said, it's the only combo I've found (including the marshall) that will match the sound of my Marshall Artist 3203 heads. Blues rock sounds through heavy rock, probably not good for death metal, but I can get a pretty good "scoop" sound out of it. EQ is VERY responsive and "usable"


I got it used, but it's solid state- when it dies it dies, but I can't see that happening anytime soon (fingers crossed!)

General Comments

I've played for 16 years, mostly using Marshall Artist 30 heads, a '61 fender bassman w/212, les pauls & teles. This is perfect for practicing at home (I can leave the 412 at the rehearsal space) or for those extremely "intimate" club gigs. It would be nice if it had a switchable effects loop (not sure if the reverb is switchable or not)

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