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Sound Quality

See above. The range of sounds that results from the mods is astounding. Certainly, there are high-gain, high-distortion metal options that are pretty potent, but what surprised me was the full range of tones possible, which also include a vast array of non-metal tones. IOt's pretty quiet, too, though if you're running a signal chain with several other pedals active, and are using really high gain, you're going to get noise when you're not playing. Turn down then or use a noise gate (this is why the ZVex Fuzz Factory has a gate!).


Well, the Boss unit is like all Boss pedals -- built like a brick ****house. If you do your work pretty carefully, the result will be completely solid. One thing all modders should be careful of, if you're going to repaint the case, is to clean back to bare metal the input and output jack holes in the housing (and all other holes, I would add) because physical grounding is part of the circuit. When I popped all the guts back into the case, I couldn't get any sound out of the unit until it dawned on me that I had unintentionally isolated one or both jacks because of excess paint. (Though my paint job is pretty darned groovy, but that's another story.)

General Comments

I play all kinds of stuff and love to experiment with tone. I'm fortunate to have wonderful equipment of all kinds -- many guitars, several great amps, all kinds of pedals -- and I love to try things out. I didn't need this pedal, and undertook the mod just for the heck of it, but it found its way right onto my pedalboard, and not just for metal sounds. I have a Klon for gorgeous semi-clean boost, a custom pedal for bluesy overdrive, and now the MT-2 for over-the-top, "grab hold and hang on!" adventures.

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