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Sound Quality

For my RP-1, I use a LARGE Crate amplifier (bought off the Warped Tour) and a 1998 Epiphone. The sound I first got out of the RP-1 was very squeally. It definetely is a processor with an attitude. Unless you have everything set perfectly to your amp and guitar specificiations, it will feedback, squeal, and generally just piss you off when you have it turned up, and the distortion on. While I am dissatisfied with the distortion, I am VERY pleased with the compression. I have used several other effects pedals and stomp boxes that feature compression, and this one is probably the best.


I feel like a broken record here, but once you get the presets set to your amplifier, and you have your volume all leveled out....(low input, high output is what I recommend) it is very reliable. I've had very, very few problems with it, and those that I did have were mainly due to my lack of adjustments to presets.

General Comments

I am a rhythm guitarist with the rock band "TOAST!" based out of Lawrence, Kansas. This is a very good processor for most everything I do...however, it does come up a little bit short in terms of the amount of distortion I'd like to use. The fact that they stop you after "11 balls" of distortion even on sounds like "Buxx Crunch", and "No Wanks" leaves a lot to be desired...however I also rely on compression a lot, and as far as the RP-1 goes, it doesn't get any better than that. There is a slight delay between stepping on the patch and it changing, but it's no more than a second, so, once you get used to the RP-1...you'll love it. If I were to buy a new effects pedal, I'd probably look at more Digitech products, but I might end up with the Roland GT-3 which overall is a slightly better processor, a lot more confusing to use, but a better processor. Furthermore, if you are into Strat style tones, the RP-1 is a very nice processor for pre-amp/processor style tone modelling. They feature at least two presets dedicated solely to strat tones.

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