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Rembert Satow

Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

I had a Fender Dual Showman with a cabinet of two 10 inch speakers and then added this guitar. Best of the sound is to slowly remove volume from the neck pick-up, which makes the sound of the bridge one just shine. If you have an assistant, it's a rather unique phasing effect. To me it fits any style I want, maybe I take it from there. When a greek giutar crack played it once though, it sounded like a bouzuki


I don't use it to often today , but I never felt I should have a backup when performing. The finish may fade a little, the yellow darkening, some samall parts renewed as mentioned above but you also renew parts of vintage cars. Smoothe tuning.


General Comments

It's been 17 years now and I never thought of buying another electric guitar because this one covers the range for me. So I only keep a 12-string acoustic guitar for exercise. If it was stolen, I would have to start up new. Both appearance and performance are remarkable, maybe costumers didn't trust the looks. To me it looks like the first computer aided design on guitars, a Gibson body stretched to an ankle.

Reviewer's Background

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