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Sound Quality

compared with the metal zone well lets just say if i had this instead of a metal zone. id buy a metal zone.so i give it a 10 with the metal zone, and a 6 by its self.but its a 10 in my setup


dude its boss

General Comments

ive been playing guitar for 7 years now. I play heavy music.

My practice anp is a crate gx30 i use in this order all boss of coarse

NS-2 Suppressor,CS-3 Compression Sustainer,HM-3 Hyper Metal,MT-2 Metal Zone,EH-2 Enhancer,TU-2 Tuner Pedal.My live and is a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.Id say I know a good amount of how to make great distortion.Im left handed so i have a strat but it has a EMG81,adn i have a Ibanez RX30 it was my first guitar it has the dimebucker in it.soon to also be a 81 in it.Im saving for a Les Paul.

If it were stolen id be mad cause im not rich like my rig implies.so id buy anoter on of ebay.


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