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Sound Quality

I usually play in church a lot and am actually looking to do some session work and stuff like that. So I play a variety of music though mostly centred on pop/rock. On the acoustic, I do a fair bit of both strumming and fingerpicking as well. This baby is has a great sweet yet warm sound. The trebles aren't very loud or clear but has just enough to make the sound quite balanced though a bit on the warm side. It projects very well and the sustain seems that it can go on forever! Great guitar to play unplugged. The sound is, admitedly, more suited to finger style playing but it can hold it's own when it comes to strumming it. Very nice all round sound.


This has been my workhorse since getting it in November 2002. Nothing came of, nothing went loose and nothing is coming apart as far as I can tell. Of course, I have been pampering her as often as i can, wiping with a good piece of cotton cloth, not bumping it around toomuch, no in-an-empty-car-under-the-sun situations etc. I would like to think that I'll be using this guitar for a long long time to come.

General Comments

To be honest, I was looking for at getting a Taylor 414ce when I got this guitar. But after a lil but of persuasion by the sales people and a lot of nitpicking at the details of this, I settled for this baby. For the features, you'll need to look at at least a 700 series from Taylors which will cost double. Good value for money I reckon.


This guitar will definitely not draw much attention to itself but when you look closely, you'll notice just how elegant it looks. Simple design w/o inlays plus a beautiful yet simple abalone rosette gives it an elegant feel. The cream colored bindings also add to this allure. The guitar will bowl you over the minute you pick a few notes from it. So warm and sweet.


All in all a beautiful guitar to play and a deceptively elegant one to look at.


Being a guitarist tho, I don't think i can settle with just one guitar, i'll probably get a few along the way but this one will definitely be one of my main guitars. Just simply love this guitar. It it does get stolen, God have mercy on the one who stole it, cuz when i find him, there won't be much of him left!! hehe :D


One thing, though, I'm really interested to know how many people actually has this guitar? Only seen another review of this baby.

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