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Sound Quality

Doesn't affect tone unless you assign it to-just gives you one less thing to worry about while you're pouring it out!!!


These things are very rugged.My 1st one just got "retired" after about 5 years of pretty steady use between homework,practice & gigs.I just used my "newsed" one this weekend,& other than me accidentally bumping into the left pedal(my own fault-I wear a size 9.5) it worked like a charm!But I did keep the box it was shipped in,so this one will have a safe place to hide from the dangers of the truck!!!

General Comments

These things are great!I did buy another one!They do what they're supposed to,& even a total "midiot" like me can figure it out.An ex-friend of mine bought some ground control thing & I just laughed my ass off when he asked me about MIDI things.He used mine after I kinda explained the pedal thing to him,& he went out & bought one the next week.So,yeah,I like them very,very much & recommend them to anyone who is in the market for this type of piece of equipment.I haven't tried any other brand of controller,but then again,I haven't had to!!!And no,I don't work for,nor am I an endorsee of ART products.

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