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Sound Quality

Hamer Studio > Mesa Boogie Triaxis > Rocktron Intellifex > Mesa Boogie Simulclass 2:90 > Marshall 1960AV 4X12. This does great time based effects. The chorus and delays are excellent, and the pitch shifter is good for a unit in this price range. Still have not been able to get a good flange sound except when I don't want it to. The reverbs are nice also. The presets are a little "wet" for my taste, and there is a flange effect that is unintentional when playing with alot of distortion and heavy reverb. Doesn't do anything spectacular, but is best to add subtle sounds to the signal. I'm a former owner of several Boss pedals, and a digitech unit. I miss being able to reach down and turn a few knobs on the pedals, but the convienience of a single rack unit to take the place of 3 pedals is great. I really wish it had a tremolo and a better flange.


I gig all the time without a backup, but I don't rely on effects. If I did, I'd probably want some kind of backup. I fear tubes going out more than this thing.

General Comments

I'm in 2 bands, a stupid hard rock/metal band, a funk oriented band, and I do some studio work for hip-hop groups. I've been playing for about 12 years. You can find these things for around 225 on ebay. For the price, they are great. Just know that there is a reason why TC Electronics, Lexicon, and Eventide units are so expensive. Its because they are better. Also, its hard to program on the fly, so you can't really use it to write, except with pre-existing effects. (At least I can't) For someone who just wants a bit of effects, I think it is perfect. If you want to sound like Steve Vai, get a better unit, and practice more. The units I compared it with were pieces of crap, like the Alesis Quadraverb, because of the price. For me, this is to tide me over until I can get a TCE G-Force.

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