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Sound Quality

I was looking for an analog flange and I was warned not to get one of these, but I didn't listen to anyone's advice. I should have. Mine was a NOS made in Taiwan version. I hear that the older made in Japan's are better. I now have played both versions and should have got the Japanese one. Mine had a HUGE volume boost when switched on that made it not sit well with the rest of my band. The boost was so big that I couldn't stand practicing alone with this thing. Non-musicians even noticed that it wasn't right. I could have just used the volume knob on my guitar to counter-act the volume boost, but I shouldn't have to do that! Your pedals should not dictate your dynamics or how you play. The boost was worse with any level of gain no matter where I put it in the signal chain, what guitar used, patch cords, or amps. I found out that I could open the pedal up and mess with the trimpots to bring it to unity gain. I could lower the volume, but it messed with the flage sweep. For two hours I slowly turned the trimpot, "V6 Bias" or whatever it was called I forgot now, and going both clockwise or counter clockwise it either turned the effect off completely or really distorted the sweep. The flange sounds best where it was factorty set at about horizontal. Adjusting the other two trimpots did not help. Besides, it should not be neccasssry to spend that much time tweaking a Boss pedal. I don't want to sacrifice the sound quality just to have a good volume level. Whatever Boss did to the circuitry this late in BF2 production was really stupid. The older ones sound better.


I have one Boss pedal. A DF2 that I got used in 1989 for maybe $30 and it is still kicking ass! If I kept the BF2 I'm sure it would provide many years of crappy sound!

General Comments

I tried really hard to like this pedal and justify keeping it. But with all the other flanger options out there it seemed a joke to keep it especially since I don't use flange often. It would just sit collecting dust. I returned this pedal and got a Rocktron Hypnotic Flange which has an Effect Level control!!!! That is something I wish the BF2 had. The Hypnotic Flange also is a warmer flanger. I thought about getting the BF3, but it's digital and I wanted an analog flanger. I have never rated any of my gear so low, but I was actually embarassed that I had this pedal.

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